Some Useful Tips To Kick Start Your Livestream Career

Posted on September 6, 2023

Hey SushiVidFam! 

As we all know, there is a rise in livestream collaboration demands in the influencer marketing industry. SushiVid has run several livestream campaigns for various industries. 

According to Beyond Summits, China’s livestreaming industry has more than doubled in size compared with the previous year, with about $3 billion revenues according to Credit Suisse. Where there is a rising demand in the livestream influencer marketing, it simultaneously means there is a higher demand in livestream influencers. 

If you stepped into Pavilion Shopping Mall today, you would instantly notice there are fewer carbon footprints even in the heart of KL. In the current Restricted Movement Control Order  (RMCO) due to the pandemic situation, some brands are turning to market their products through livestreaming. 

Below are some of the Tips & Tricks we have to Sell in Livestreams.

1. Be prepared

Make sure you have studied the brand and livestream materials a day before your livestream. Commitment to the livestream shows your level of professionalism as an influencer. So, be sure to make a good impact. Print out your materials and make notes if need be. Just make sure you don’t rely too much on them and keep referring to your notes throughout the livestream. 

Think of them more of a reminder than a script. 

2. Be convincing and persuasive

Your personality contributes to the number of people tuning in to your livestream. Remember to leave all your worries at the door as soon as you step into the livestream set up or studio. 

You need to convince your audience with information to nudge them to consider buying the product. Be charming and engaging with the audience. At the end of the day, the audience is looking to be convinced. So, make it less about you and more about the brand and product. 

3. Wardrobe 

As a livestream influencer, you have to think of yourself as the model for the brand. Your wardrobe should defer based on the brand’s industry and promo. 

For example, if you are doing a livestream for a clothing brand, be sure to wear neutral-coloured and simple staple clothes (clothes that you don’t need to change). Nonetheless, if you are selling products such as makeup, be sure to dress it up accordingly. 

Another convincing technique is dress based on the product you are promoting. Reviewing health products in athletic wear would show your commitment to the brand and hint to the audience as soon as they start viewing the livestream. 

Dress as a reflection of the brand. 

4. Promo codes

To help influencers convenience the audience, brands should create promos that are only available during the livestream which is worthwhile to convince the audience and brand to join the livestream. 

Giveaways and vouchers have also proven to help to increase the number of influencers. Get the audience to share the livestream on their page or story to start a chain. 

5. Products

Audiences who are viewing your livestream to buy products want to know specific information about the products. Be sure the livestream’s internet connection is strong so the quality will not be disrupted while influencers are displaying the products. 

Also, be sure to review every inch and aspect of the products. However, be sure to mind the line between sounding “matter of fact” and “persuasive”. Try to persuade them and keep the audience entertained. 

6. Guest and games

The livestream can be done with multiple hosts. Brands are encouraged to match the influencer with a representative from your brand to elaborate more on the brand and products. 

Brands can create more entertaining content by preparing games involving the influencer and the audience. An example is the Wheel of Fortune. An influencer can spin the wheel to get the vouchers or promos. 

7. Start your live stream now!

To make sales through livestreams, you will need to start selling on livestreams. We encourage you to stream on all livestream platforms available. Be sure to stream on all platforms and e-commerce platforms too! If you need assistance with your livestream campaign, SushiVid offers a livestream package with studio rental for a day. We have top of the notch equipment and will also prepare the livestream scripts for the livestream. 

Email to [email protected] to know more about our Livestream package!