Jessica Chaw - Making up Malaysia


Jessica Chaw is not just another super-cute 21yo dabbling in the land of life style vlogs. Jessica Chaw is a girl on her way to becoming one of Malaysia's most fashionable influencers.

Her videos may be fun, but they are also honest and authentic (i.e. everything that influencer marketing is supposed to be). Watching her video about Korean inspired make-up, Jessica was not afraid to shy away from the fact that she found some of the items to be over-priced. Her blog, which is written to complement her YouTube Vlog proudly refers to her advertorial work and lists ALL the brands she’s worked with; there’s no secret this girl is in demand.

Put simply, Jessica is a class act and we are so excited to unveil her as our lates featured YouTuber.

SushiVid: What got you started on your YouTube journey? 

Jessica: I started my Youtube channel because I was searching for an outlet for me to express my passion for fashion and beauty in a more engaging way. I've been watching videos of some YouTubers and have seen them doing really well in spreading what they love with their audiences, hence it kinda motivated me to start my own channel as well.

SushiVid: How do you manage your school life AND YouTube life?

Jessica: I would say time management and knowing your priorities are really important in this case. I will try to finish my school work on weekdays and spend my weekends producing videos for my channel.

SushiVid: Who do you look up to on YouTube? Do you have a favourite YouTuber?

Jessica: Yes, I have a ton of favourite YouTubers. I like Clothesencounters (Jenn Im) because of her down-to-earth and positive personality. I also like watching beauty YouTubers because they really inspire me to explore and experiment with makeup, and along the way, I have learned how to find the best technique that works for my features through trial and error.

SushiVid: Do you see yourself still doing YouTube in 10 years’ time? Would you think of it as a full-time career?

Jessica: I will keep doing YouTube as long as I still have the passion. As for now, I see YouTube as a part-time hobby that allows me to express myself freely and share my passion with my audience.

SushiVid: As a new and upcoming YouTuber, do you have any advice for fellow budding YouTubers who are also starting their channels?

Jessica: Be passionate and be enthusiastic in what you do - because it is the passion that fuels the force and keeps you going and growing.

Want more Jessica Chaw in your life? Follow her on Instagram and Snapchat @jessicachaw as well as on her blog :)


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