Joe Shiang - the Multi-platform Superstar

Posted on April 29, 2020

Only at the age of 20, Joe has successfully achieved what others are trying throughout their lives. Yup, you guessed it -  to be a multi-platform influential superstar. Let’s take a peep on how he intends to continue with his journey. 

SushiVid:Did you plan on being an Influencer or did it just happen naturally?

Joe: It did come naturally, I still remember around August of 2018 I’ve just created my TikTok account, and after just 3-4 months, I became an influencer on both TikTok and Instagram. 

SushiVid: Do you plan on expanding your presence on different platforms in the future, why?

Joe: I’m not sure, because currently I’m in university taking up a designing course. When I began my university life, collaborations will probably be lesser than it is now. I’ll plan on expanding on different platforms when I graduate. 

SushiVid: What are some goals that you wish to achieve in the next five years as an influencer?

Joe: I hope that I can become a model as well, as a model with a unique style. 

SushiVid: How do you deal with the haters? 

Joe: Before this, I would  get upset or I would talk to my friends when there are comments from haters. But now, I just ignore any negativity.

SushiVid: Are there any other influencers that inspire you and your content? 

Joe: Of course! For example, Jane Chuck, Brian See, and Juwei Teoh. They are currently my idols, as I feel that they are perfect and each of them has their own unique style.

SushiVid: What is the most remarkable experience you had as an influencer?


Joe: I’ve only been an influencer for a year, so currently there are no remarkable experiences that come to mind. 


SushiVid: As a long term influencer, how do you plan on staying relevant with the rise of new influencers?

Joe: I feel that I should be more active on social platforms or to attend more events, and I should set up my own style without copying others.

SushiVid: What are some tips you wished you were given when you first started?

Joe: I wish that I knew about the market prices because my friends told me that each influencer actually has a market price, and I didn’t know how to set up a price for myself before this. 

SushiVid: What are some usual factors that encourage you to work with a brand?

Joe: Sometimes famous brands won’t pay me, but they will sponsor me with gifts as well as offer me with long term collaborations. 

Want to find out more about joe? 

Visit him at:

Instagram: joeshianggg

TikTok: joeshiang0228