[Proposal Series] Why Flavettes Should Use SushiVid?

Posted on January 30, 2018

Do you ever wonder how we propose an influencers’ name to a client? Well, we start by preparing a proposal presentation or proposal ‘deck’ to showcase what are our goals and ideas are for the brand.

Let’s take Flavettes as an example.

Our decks  are themed according to the product we’re proposing because first impressions matters. We want to show them not only in idea but also in design, that we are here to create impact and provide value.

Every proposal we have sent thus far is well thought, brainstormed, vet through thoroughly. We hope this also helps you understand why sometimes, we do need to take 25 - 40% from a successful campaign from you.

Because behind every successful proposal, were hundreds that went by and fell onto deaf ears.

No slides would be perfect without a table of content. Having a heads-up on what is to come will allow for things to run more smoothly..

Flavettes, firstly, we want to tell you how much we love you. Some of us pretty much grew up with you but to our surprise, there is a huge amount of people who actually does not know the benefits or taking these yummy supplements. 

For those of you who don't already know the benefits of Vitamin C - Helps retain youthfulness, promotes whitening and health in general.

Our idea was to use influencers to make a mix of contents - with the objective of getting more consumers to buy Flavettes. We would use influencers to do giveaways: samples of Flavettes packages for their audience. 

Rest assured, we'd always ask our influencers if they really believed in Flavettes before we got them to do the shoutout! 

Because we’re targeting a certain group of non-consumers, we’re hoping the Influencers would make their content more educational and fun. 

We list out ideas as well as the benefit for each social media channel (Youtube, Instagram and Blogspot) so that clients know what we plan to achieve from each platforms.

It’s also to show how different channel can attain a certain objective/goal or that by mixing all the channels will allow for a better brand awareness. The more the merrier right?

Our tagline we chose was “Unleash your beauty from within”. We try to always come up with a tagline that not only promotes the product but it has to represent the brand story itself- Positive vibe all the way!

This is how we create a package for clients. Although we would like to list down individual influencers with their individual ideas and capabilities, you must understand that for brands, they want a top down overview and they wouldn’t mind the details till later.

The difference between Package 1 and 2 was just to showcase what we could do for RM50k and RM100k.

As you can see, we don't usually provide prices for each individual influencers because not one of them is the same. What we do is, we negotiate with our influencer based on bulk deals and a combination of jobs. Some influencers may cost more and some influencers may cost less within each category, but so long as it adds up to give us a 25% margin in total, we're OK. 

We then show the client some of our main content ideas that our influencers could do and we'll also match the idea with a sample influencer we think would execute the content at best as well as the reason we chose the influencer.

We rarely ever ask influencers for sample ideas because we know that campaign information for most part is confidential. So, we would come up with ideas and suggestions of who could do it just to give the client an idea of what we’re talking about.

{P.S. All our influencer data & prices for the purpose of this blog has been altered to protect our influencers}

This is another idea that we proposed. Once again we gave an idea, and tied it to a personality whom would best perform it.

We then gave them more sample influencers...

{P.S. All our influencer data & prices for the purpose of this blog has been altered to protect our influencers}

And.. another sample Idea

{P.S. All our influencer data & prices for the purpose of this blog has been altered to protect our influencers}

Aside from our main pitch, we also included some of our other ideas and influencers that might pique the interest of clients.

We also wrote a short description on each of our influencers. 

{ Influencers: we sincerely apologize if you don’t like the description we’ve written about you. This is why we wanted you to edit your own profiles cause we usually have to make up these descriptions for you unless you gives us a proper description of yourselves. }

{P.S. All our influencer data & prices for the purpose of this blog has been altered to protect our influencers}

These are some sample of bloggers. We usually screenshot part of your blogs to show the client how influencer blogs generally look like.

{P.S. All our influencer data & prices for the purpose of this blog has been altered to protect our influencers}

The timeline displays the list of events and how we manage clients expectations by telling them what happens once they engage us. We really hope that everyone can stick to this timeline, otherwise it will just be unnecessary stress for all parties. This is where our relationship with influencers matters.

At the end of the day, we really only want to work with people we're really comfortable with.

Last but not least... disclaimers. As you can see, we do try to ask for 50% upfront so that we can pay you 50% upfront- though it doesn’t ALWAYS happen.

We do tell our clients that there is a 10% increase/ decrease in price in actual campaign cause sometimes we may have over or under-budgeted. We don’t just diam-diam masuk poket k? We do return it because we believe in transparency and fair pricing. Though, we’re not sure if the brand actually knows that. :)

Anyway… I hope this helps you get a glimpse of what we’d love to do for you, Flavettes! 

{ Influencers: Please do, update your prices and profiles so that we can be more accurate when proposing you. :D }

Well, that's all folks! Do know that everyone here in SushiVid put a lot of time and effort in the proposals to make Influencers shine like the bright star that they are!