Ready To Kick Start Your Christmas & 12.12 Campaigns?

Posted on November 5, 2020

Hello brands & marketers, 

Find yourself scratching your head for the upcoming 12.12 and Christmas campaigns, look no further. Tricks of the trade for marketers is to start early. We have anticipated your needs and prepared all you need to know to help boost your campaigns below. 

According to Cedcommerce, Techinasia has published impressive results in the 12.12 phenomenon. Websites such as LAZADA and ZALORA made the double date (which is now a monthly event) known throughout South East Asia.

“There is a 4-5 time increase in web traffic on Online Shopping Websites, as compared to usual days. This shows the devotion of customers to buy on 12.12 sales. So as a seller, it becomes your responsibility to capitalise on such a big opportunity.”

First Stage - Early Exposure

Marketing works like the metaphor the earliest bird catches the worm. Become one of the first to promote your 12.12 & Christmas campaign. As we are in the middle of a pandemic situation at the moment, carbon footprints in malls are expected to decrease. Buyers will be working from home during the lockdown which gives them ample time to scout for gifts for their relatives for Christmas and a little indulge shopping at the same time for 12.12 sales. 

If your brand has stores in malls in regions where the lockdown is not in motion, influencer marketing can help expose your audience to your in-store promos and sales. Although, we do encourage brands to create their own mini page (if they don’t already have a website) on our IGLinks. 

Its easy-to-use features allow you to list your products and their image, price, and description which can be directed to any link including WhatsApp. If you are a smaller start-up, this would be perfect for you to create an online mini catalog for your products. We are offering a limited FREE upgrade to the first 1000 Sign Ups on Aside from that, if you are thinking of SushiVid to run your 12.12 & Christmas campaigns, we are able to whitelist your IGLinks as well!

If you want to know more about how to optimise your Link In Bio and Instagram profiles with IGLinks, be sure to read it HERE

Instead of boosting only one content for your ads from your graphic department on social media platforms, get influencers to promote your promotions, sales, and vouchers this December. Get more creative content with familiar faces and boost throughout the month of December. Influencers who are a part of your campaign will be asked to create their own IGLinks which links to your call-to-action in their Swipe Up and Link In Bio. These IGLinks will act as mini-pages dedicated to your campaign. 

To learn more about it, contact our sales team [email protected].

Second Stage - Consistency 

As December draws the curtain for 2020 like any other year, buyers are more willing to spend especially during the holiday season. We encourage brands to consistently implement influencer marketing from early December all the way to the end of the month. The consistent promotions by influencers will help generate leads which will be reflected in your sales. 

Never underestimate the power of promotion during the holiday seasons. Repeatedly seeing their favorite influencers endorsing a brand can create a spark in the audience to get their hands on the products. 

Third Stage - Sale Day 

Like an old car’s salesman, be sure to lay down all the best promotions for your audience. We advise brands to create special promotions only during the sales day. To make sure the public knows about it, create phases in the influencer marketing campaign. This method will ensure the public is informed. We highly recommend running live streams over pictures because frankly, no one reads a lengthy caption to spread the word. Imagine getting over 30 influencers to do a live stream about your promotion in one day on top of picture postings. 

Final Stage - Boxing Day Sale

Normally when Christmas ends, most brands will start focusing on promos for 2021. The fun doesn’t stop there. Be one of the few brands that create a movement after Christmas. Right on the top of our head, brands can even do charity announcements for Christmas and ask for CrowdFunds with influencers. This will strengthen your brand for your next step. 

Boxing day is a tradition where brands gather all of their products that were not sold during the Christmas sale for an even lower price to clear off their inventory. In case you find yourself wanting to spread the news on exclusive Boxing Day sales, we can provide influencer postings with mini-pages for your website. 

Contact [email protected] to discuss available campaign ideas and packages for this upcoming holiday season.

Happy 12.12 and Merry Christmas to everyone in advance! 🤗