8 Most Insta-Worthy Hotels in South East Asia 2017

Posted on April 18, 2017

When we flipped the calendar over to April recently we were filled with a sense of dread – 2017 is already slipping away from us. We’ve been so busy (hustling to improve South East Asia’sfavourite influencer hub) that we simply haven’t noticed the seasons changing. But we can’t watch another year evaporate. And we’re sure you can’t either.

What’s an influencer to do? How can you ensure you’re present in the moment,building relationships as well as subscriber lists? Take a holiday of course! The best thing is, if you choose a truly unique and Insta-worthy hotel, you can have pedicures, adventures and your career too.

So, if you want to keep your Instagram account ahead of the pack, it’s time to check out of the W Bali (sacrilege we know when it’s so fabulous) and head to one of these special local spots.


bangkok tree house


1.  Bangkok Tree House

Hands up if you’ve ever fallen asleep on a lilo! There’s something so very special about a sun filled siesta on the water, but you can take it next level at Bangkok Tree House. A literal water bed, theTree House’s River Nests is a mattress on the water, allowing you to be lulled to snooze town by the gentle tidal motions.

If you’re keen on staying dry, there are an array of tree houses to choose from. Eat your heart out Swiss Family Robinson.  


artotel jakarta


2.  Artotel Jakarta

In even the most luxury of hotels, you’re like to stumble across some pretty pedestrian artwork pulled straight from the bargain bin. Not so the Artotel, where every surface is a canvas waitingto be explored. With 8 local artists each assigned a floor, staying at Artotel is like staying in an art gallery (minus the pretension).


3.  New Majestic Hotel, Singapore

Whether they can afford a room or not, most tourists can’t resist a colonial excursion to Raffles when in Singapore (and possibly a Singapore Sling or two). Singapore, however, is so much more than Raffles; the truth is it’s a veritable melting pot – an old empire leading the charge to the future. And the teamat New Majestic Hotel totally get this. Mixing the best of the past with modernity, expect an eclectic mix of vintage and 21st century chic. For the mostInsta-worthy shots though, book a meal in the restaurant. The food may be great, but the real attraction is the pool “floating” above you.


4.  Lokal, Yogyakarta


We’ve eaten enough questionable hotel meals to know that sometimes the hotel restaurant is really just an afterthought. Lokal went about things the other way; they started a restaurant and then decided that maybe it would be nice if their guests could stay. The end result: a boutique hotel where you’re guaranteed a delicious meal, made of the freshest local ingredients. Tech influencers will also love reporting on the hotel’s very own iOs based point of sale system, created by the area’s most talenteddevelopers. Forget the international conglomerates pillaging the local economy, Lokal really believe in boosting Yogyakarta for the people of Yogyakarta.


summer bird hotel bandung


5.  Summer Bird Hotel, Bandung

Unique. Quirky. Instagrammable from any angle. The Summer Bird Hotel ticks all the boxes for the Influencer community. With every nook and every cranny individually styled, there’ll be no shortage ofphotos to match your witty commentary. It’s the home away from home for the influencer looking for the more authentic travel experience.


6.  Loy La Long Hotel, Bangkok

Bangkok is intense. Noisy. Hectic. Or is it?

Throw everything you know about Thailand’s capital on its head with a stay at Loy La Long. Like the river that meanders gently past this 2 storey teak house, the staff at Loy La Long want you to gowith the flow. Whether you curl up on the river verge veranda, or sink into the divine bathtub of the Green Room, you will feel so relaxed that you’ll probably want to stay for a Loy La Long time.

*Hot tip – beauty influencers could have a field day with the delightfully styled bathrooms, reminiscent of floating in a lotus pond.


7.  Time Capsule Retreat, Malaysia

When we first heard there was a retreat where you could sleep in concrete pipes, we instantly thought the Teenage Mutant Turtles had invited us to share their sewers. Then we saw the picture of gloriouscapsules located in Malaysia’s forest. Perfectly suited to the local climate, these simple cylinders offer so much more than a few novelty photos, they are a gateway to tranquil and lush surrounds.


seaventures malaysia


8.  Seaventures, Malaysia

You didn’t become an influencer to follow the hordes. You became an influencer because people follow you. And follow you they will to Seaventures – the world’s first PADI Five Star IDC resort.Located near Sipadan, off the east Borneo coast, you won’t just be treated to azure blue views, but unlimited dive and snorkel adventures. Pure bliss and likes aplenty for your Instagram feed.


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