KLGadgetTV- Serving up a fresh platter of tech

KLGadgetGuy and KLGadgetTV work to the mantra:Explore. Educate. Entertain. And let us tell you, they succeed at all three. Head to their YouTube channel and you’re in for a treat – this team aptly mix clowning around with providing informative reviews and updates about all things tech.

This is a team of social media pros who have nailed the art of engaging their subscribers across all the important channels; there is no weak link in the KLGadgetGuy online universe – all are updated regularly. They also do a great job of building the greater YouTube community, regularly partnering with and promoting our first ever Maki of the Month, Ray Mak. These gadget guys (and girl) must be seriously busy. Thankfully though, they’re not too busy for sushi.

We had the pleasure of chatting with KLGadgetGuy founder, Warren Lee, about what drives him. It’s a refreshing reminder that if you want something, you need to go out and get it, no matter your circumstances. Even poor quality recording equipment couldn’t hold Warren down in the early days. Here Warren shares his lessons in perseverance.

Why did you start KLGadgetTV and what made you consider becoming a YouTuber? 

Back in 2013, I was working for a technology company and realized that what I was doing wasn’t going to bring me anywhere further. I have a great passion for technology and an outspoken personality, hence I decided that it’s time to start a technology website with a YouTube channel, since no one in Malaysia was actively doing tech videos.

How did you grow your first 200 subscribers? 

I grew my first 200 subscribers by focusing my efforts on making a lot of videos - lots of them. Despite not having the best video equipment, I guess I was lucky enough to not have much competition back then, as many tended to think doing tech videos were a waste of time.

What kinds of YouTube channels are lacking in Asia right now? 

I think there's no limits to whatever content you want to create. One thing that many content creators lack is the perseverance to create despite facing various challenges; you may never know but one day, even the crappiest quality video that you make will reach an audience of hundreds and thousands, just because of one small detail that you got right.


Tell us something you think your audience doesn’t know about KLGadgetTV? 

Well, KLGadgetTV is very different from what you see in other YouTubers. We are a team of tech geeks that not only do tech reviews, but at times we also do crazy stuff that often gives our viewers a 'culture shock.’ I am still the face of the channel but I run it alongside with the managing editor of KLGadgetGuy, Alicia, who focuses more on the female tech content, so if you think we only cater to the male audiences, you are wrong. :)

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