As an Influencer, Use Your Lemon8, TikTok, and Instagram Differently for Best Impact

Posted on November 6, 2023

Written by Norhaliza Yuhannif Faisal 

In my previous post, I talked about trending contents on Lemon8 HERE, a relatively new social media app that is raking in the number of users. As Lemon8 is still a baby, many of its users are already building followers on other social media giants, like Instagram and TikTok. In the process of researching to write that article, I realized that many of the influencers on Lemon8 are posting differently in the app compared to how they would post on their Instagram and TikTok.  

This is not them being fake or showcasing different personalities, instead it is a perfect example of the utilization of the diverse features of the apps. These social media apps may seem similar, as they were understood as a site where you can post photos and videos of your daily life. However, we may not see the true potential of the features that can definitely help in boosting our social media presence. 

In this article, I studied three influencers on Lemon8 who are big on other social media apps. We will investigate the differences in the postings between the three social media apps and their utilization of the various features of the apps. 

1. Shahira Mansor

Shahira Mansor's profile on Lemon8, Instagram, and TikTok

Shahira Mansor may be the face of Lemon8, as users from other social media may have seen her TikTok video being used to promote Lemon8. She has mastered the art of utilizing Lemon8's editing functions to craft content that revolves around fashion and beauty content, with the approach to creating cute, visually engaging content with stickers and an almost infographic-like feel. What sets her posts apart is the meticulous attention she pays to her thumbnails. In the world of Lemon8, where first impressions matter, Shahira knows that the thumbnail (or the cover) must be a powerful hook, compelling the audience to not only view her post but also read the in-depth captions she provides. With lengthy captions and text overlays on photo posts, she ensures that her audience leaves with not just a visual delight but also valuable insights.  

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On Instagram, Shahira Mansor offers a different facet of her creative journey, albeit having lesser follower count than her Lemon8 and TikTok account. Here, the focus shifts to the essence of photography itself, with an emphasis on the beauty of raw visuals, rather than the embellishments of effects and stickers. Shahira's Instagram appears to be a personal diary where she shares her daily outfits, life updates, and personal quotes. Her attention to aesthetics is remarkable in the curation of her Instagram layout, in which it is color-coordinated, creating an enchanting visual harmony. On top of that, she made use of Instagram story feature to spread awareness to her large following. 

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Meanwhile on her TikTok, her content aligns with the platform's signature style of using trending audios and music-video-style content. Shahira leverages the text-to-audio function effectively, making it a powerful tool to deliver information, especially when it comes to promoting products. Like her approach on Lemon8, she incorporates text on videos, coupled with some additional information on the caption. As TikTok emphasizes video content, she gives special care to her video transitions and editing, coupled with the use of trending audios to maximize reach. Shahira's TikTok presence complements her other platforms by offering dynamic, visually engaging content. 

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2. Unnieqin

Unnieqin's profile on Lemon8, Instagram, and TikTok 

Unnieqin has dedicated her Lemon8 account to a niche that includes plants, fitness, and fashion. Her Lemon8 profile is marked by highly informative content, and her posts often resemble pages from an online magazine, complete with informative infographics. Just like Shahira Mansor, she made use of the editing functions of Lemon8, but managed to have a distinct style that separates her from other Lemon8 influencers. 

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On Instagram, Unnieqin uses her account primarily as a personal diary, sharing life updates and self-portraits. Unlike Lemon8, she refrains from using text on her photos. Instagram serves as her fashion haven, where she showcases outfits and style inspiration. Even in her posts promoting products as simple as durian mochi ice cream, they are shot elegantly. 

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Moving to TikTok, Unnieqin, with 75,000 followers, adopts a more relaxed approach. She uses the platform to promote her product "sqin" by making use of TikTok Shop and hosting TikTok Live sessions, often on Mondays at 9 PM. Her TikTok content takes a more unscripted and freewheeling style, reflecting the preference of the TikTok audience for authenticity and creative freedom. 

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3. Sobri Yaacob

Sobri Yaacob's profile on Lemon8, Instagram, and TikTok

Sobri Yaacob presents his content on Lemon8 with minimal editing and primarily focuses on transitions, compiling clips together with minimal text in his videos. His style on Lemon8 is reminiscent of a music video, with clips combined and set to music. He also places information as captions rather than in the videos. Sobri's Lemon8 content typically follows a music video-style format, accompanied by a song. He pays attention to thumbnails as hooks to attract viewers, and his photo posts resemble Shahira Mansor's visually appealing style. 

Source from HERE 

On Instagram, Sobri maintains a synced approach across all three platforms but with varying emphases. Instagram does not rely on text-heavy thumbnails to hook his audience. Instead, he uses the best frame as a cover for each post and places the necessary information in the caption, similar to his Lemon8 strategy. 

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On TikTok, Sobri's content is synchronized with Instagram Reels, reflecting the nature of TikTok as a platform that heavily emphasizes video content. Unlike Lemon8, the layout of his TikTok posts is characterized by minimal thumbnails, with simple template of the title serving as the cover page. 

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To wrap it up, these influencers demonstrated that contents on social media should be tailored well according to the audience of the social media. From their posts, we can understand that these apps have its own special feature that allow them to stand out from certain aspect; Lemon8 with its editing feature, Instagram with the emphasis on the quality of photography, and TikTok with its catchy trending sounds that is entertaining to listen to. 

There is a certain “vibe” that comes with each social media; thus, it is necessary for influencers to understand this to maximize their reach and engagement. These apps also come with diverse features and functions to aid with the users' postings, so the influencers that we presented above are great examples on how we can utilize the features correspondingly to the content that we would want to deliver. 

If you would like to learn more on how to gain more reach from your posts, check out our article on boosting and its benefits HERE. We now Lemon8 influencers added to our database, so if you are a brand looking to engage Lemon8 infuencers, do contact us and we can discuss it together!