[Proposal Series] Movie Animation Park Studio

You've heard of Sunway Lagoon, you've heard of Legoland and now... Movie Animation Park Studios! Better known as MAPS...

The new, hot, theme park in Perak that everyone looks forward to is finally open!  Seeing rides from everyone's favourite movie and TV series come to life, that's quite something isn't it? 

Like all new brands in the market, the first thing they're looking for is awareness. How can people visit your place if they don't even know you exist, right? That was our main goal for MAPS- to drive awareness to this new tourist attraction in Perak.

Theme parks are the epitome of FUN and that is what we plan on doing. 

Our idea is for the Influencers to go to MAPS just as they would on a casual day out with friends and document it.

We approached Influencers whom we believe could genuinely portray a really fun-filled vibe and would create a creative content that would get the viewers itching - to pack up and leave for Perak just to experience first-hand the wonders of MAPS.

We approached 5 Influencers (1 group of friends) for this campaign. They would spend the day at the theme park and create 5 Instagram posts as well as shoutouts to invite their audience to a live stream to showcase the theme park.

It will allow the audience to see the on-going excitement that the Influencers are having and hopefully make the audience excited and want to visit MAPS themselves.

To make it more official, the Influencers will also do a Facebook live takeover on MAPS official Facebook page. Each Influencer will take turns during the live takeover and take the viewers around the park and show them the rides, environment and etc.

Post event, one YouTube video would be posted on one of the Influencers' channel- showing their full experience as well as talking about how the felt and of course, a call to action to invite the viewers to experience the excitement for themselves.

Some sample contents that the Influencers can create during the live takeovers- answering a bunch questions for fans. Engaging with their audience will make them feel more appreciated and it will definitely help make the stream more interesting. 

While they're there, they could also take random shot of where they currently are in the park and passing jokes around- basically your average day with friends. The only difference is that they have to filmed it.

In the end, it is all about them enjoying their youth and having a fun day at the theme park.

Some of the things that can be expected from this execution are loads of genuine engagement between Influencers and their fans, increasing their likes and comments and of course, getting the public more interested in wanting to go MAPS.

An example of Influencers that we would approach are these fun and out-going Influencers. They already have their own group of 5 that we believe would be best suited for this campaign. 

They really enjoy their youth and not to mention that they're funny which would make the content a more enjoyable one to watch. They're always just hanging out with each other at the park and making funny remarks at each other. In other words, all of them are the perfect fit for this job.