How to Get Started on Lemon8

Posted on October 20, 2023

Written by Norhaliza Yuhannif Faisal 


Hello SushiVid Fam, 

So, we covered a few topics about Lemon8 already, like what are the trending topics on Lemon8 and how big influencers are utilizing the features on Lemon8. But you may be wondering, how to actually start on Lemon8? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. After you’re done signing up and creating your account, of course, here are some tips you can follow on starting your journey on Lemon8 as a content creator.

1. Consistency is the key
Just like other social media apps, Lemon8 values consistency of the content creator. When planning to start, ask yourself this: would you be able to commit X hours per week to plan and work on your posts? The X hours is totally up to you and how you would work it around your schedule, but we recommend that you set at least 2 hours per week where you plan on your social media posts and do the necessary work like editing and creating your captions. 

By setting up some time to plan your posts, you will be able to produce more quality content instead of just churning content every day with lesser qualities; in fact, three high quality content in a week is better than low quality content posted every day. As we have mentioned before Lemon8 is an informative app where users mostly share information with their followers, accounts that mostly post selfies (or personal diary account) are quite unlikely to grow in Lemon8.  


The explore page on Lemon8 highlights the informative contents from its users


Although consistency is the key, remember to be authentic, nonetheless. Stay true to your personality and don’t force yourself to be who you aren't, otherwise, it may throw people off. Find out what works best for you and work your way up from there. 

2. Prepare your followers

If you already have a following on other social media account like Instagram or TikTok, you could start making announcement on your stories that you are starting on Lemon8. Remember to also add the link to your Lemon8 on your social media profile bio, so your followers can be redirected to your new Lemon8 account with just one click. 

Lemon8 influencers who share added their Lemon8 details on Instagram and TikTok. Check out their profiles at @nuwairahlutfi, @melljayy_ and @hnaisya_


When you finally set your footing on Lemon8, build your network by following other creators whose content appeals to you. The community on Lemon8 are very friendly and supportive, so be sure to make friends there. Engage with other creators’ post by giving a like and commenting on their posts. By hyping others’ posts, you might gain support from them to hype up your posts too! Win-win! 

Lemon8 influencers share how engagement with their followers and other creators helped them to build their account. Sources from HERE, HERE, and HERE.

3. Prepare a niche

To plan for your content, you can lay the foundation by preparing a niche that truly resonates with you. As a start, think of something you love and something you can continue doing for months and still not get bored of it. Some popular niche on Lemon8 are beauty and makeup, student life, fashion, and cooking. Think of this niche as a way for you to explore your passion and connect with others who share similar interests. 


Lemon8 influencers here are setting their profile to the beauty, fashion, and study niche. Check out their profiles @hanisahhnfh, @melljayy and @syurhadajusnain


Another way to work on this is by getting on board with the trends on Lemon8. On Lemon8 explore page, you can check out what are the trending topics through the hashtags that are displayed there and check out the ones that piqued your interest. If you’re still unsure about the current trends, check out our article on Lemon8 trending topics in Malaysia HERE. 

Explore page on Lemon8 that shows current trending topics and hashtags 

4. Learn from the pros

Now that you have some basic idea on how Lemon8 works, you can start with your posts already! However, some of you may have some concerns about the features and functions on Lemon8 that you are unsure of. Our advice, learn from the pros HERE, where we studied influencers on how they use Lemon8, and how they can have each social media tailored to their needs and contents.  

To simplify it, Lemon8's biggest strength is in its editing function, where users can make infographic-like posts to share their content. This editing function can be utilized to make the cover title, as it serves as a bait to attract audience into viewing your post and reading your caption. On top of that, you should think of click-baity title pages (not to the point of lying, though) such as “You Can’t Believe I Did X!” or “Here’s how to X”. A good title should be simple, but strong enough to capture the audience’s attention. 

Here's the before and after picture where I tried out some of the functions on Lemon8. The filters and adjustments work wonders!


We observed that creativity is the key to growth in Lemon8, but if you think you’re nowhere as creative, you can always start by watching how others did it. Even better, you can even ask for tips directly from other creators whom you find interesting, it’s good for your networking too! 

5. Set your goals

As a beginner in Lemon8, you can probably set your first goal to be getting the rising stars badge. Rising Star is awarded by Lemon8 to give spotlight to creators who are actively posting and engaging on the app. There is no set follower count required to be awarded this badge, however there are certain data requirements that you must fulfill to be chosen such as more than two comments on each post and creating related contents of recommended topics consistently. The requirements may sound overwhelming to some, but really all you have to do is ride the trends and interact with the comments on your posts. 

Rising star section on TikTok and their guide post on how to be one. @aleeyaaisha_ is the current rising star who just recently started on Lemon8 


Once you are chosen as a rising star, you can watch your followers count grow rapidly. From there, you can set a higher goal for your account, such as reaching a few milestones in followings or getting collaboration offers for campaigns. Another benefit that comes from the rising star award are gifts from Lemon8 themselves and getting the invitation for Lemon8’s creator event. 

Shares from Lemon8 influencers who have steadily built their account with the help of Rising Stars recognition. Sources from HERE and HERE 

Now that we have covered the steps on starting on Lemon8, what are you waiting for? It is definitely the right time for you to begin your journey as a content creator on Lemon8, as it is still fresh and yet to be saturated. Be sure to follow the steps we shared above and watch your account grow to the influencer level. If you’re interested to do sponsored content on Lemon8 for our clients, feel free to reach out on our official number +60111-6222-686.