SushiVid is an influencer marketing platform, not an MCN, not an agency.

Posted on January 29, 2016

Harking back to primary school days here, but hands up if you LOVE “If You Are The One?”


In business, just as in love, sometimes we need that proverbial fairy godmother to flit in and help us make the right connection. Bippity boppity boo and all that!  

As Asia’s leading Brand - Influencer marketplace, our goal is to help the region’s talent connect seamlessly; to create a space where brands and YouTubers can align.  Brands wishing to engage can post their campaigns to our site. YouTubers can then respond to the brands they like by offering a campaign proposal and a quote. It is then up to the brands to choose from the best of YouTube sitting on their plate.

We may not be able to turn your pumpkins into horse-drawn coaches, but we at SushiVid like to think of ourselves as matchmakers – here to help YouTubers and brands find each other and live happily ever… well at least until the next sponsorship collaboration opportunity arises!  

Multichannel networks

Since launching, a number of people have rightly asked if we are a multichannel network (‘MCN’).  But given our sole focus is on helping you make connections, our services differ quite a bit.  MCNs are a little like the film studios of yesteryear.  They are independent companies which exist to help the YouTubers in their fold through the creative process.  They may do so by:

As a YouTuber, you may choose to marry up with an MCN who has access to production values you cannot presently access, or is skilled in an area that you are not.  These are all great things of course, but they come at a price.  

Generally there are pretty stringent contracts in place when you join an MCN, so it pays to read the fine print to avoid being stung.  YouTube themselves stress that joining an MCN is not a decision to be taken lightly:

“Whether or not to join an MCN is an important decision. You should do your homework and make the decision that works for you. Thoroughly investigate the MCN’s track record and evaluate the benefits being promised against your obligations to the network.”

To the contrary, given the no obligation flexibility we offer, joining SushiVid should be as logical a decision as choosing sushi for dinner! This is not to say there is anything wrong with multichannel networks – just that we’re a bit different. Here’s a handy table we prepared earlier to help portray the differences between the two:

Why SushiVid Is Not A Multichannel Network

I would also share this YouTuber's genuine review about her experience in StyleHaul (MCN) and Famebit (an influencer marketplace like SushiVid)

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