We need a tech-demonstrator. We need TEKGILA!

Posted on February 7, 2017

He may have a scary name and an even scarier Godzilla-inspired logo, but there’s actually nothing frightening about Tekgila. In fact, this affable, ever smiling chap is dedicated to helping us feeble folk to understand gadgets.

But that’s not the only reason he’s our Maki of the Month. As you read his story below, you’ll see that Tekgila has worked hard to achieve over 1.6 million views on just 200 videos – this is not a millennial taking a flight of fancy, but rather someone who has sacrificed to get where he is today.

Enjoy your latest accolade Tekgila, you YouTube dominating monster!


SushiVid: What got you started on your YouTube journey? Who or what motivated you to start?

Tekgila: I started my YouTube journey six years ago when I studied at Essen, Germany. I bought a lot of gadgets from Amazon.de for my own personal use. For example, my notebook cooler, gaming mouse, gaming headset and etc. At that time, most of my uni friends like to blog about their study life in Germany and I was thinking of doing that too. But, writing a blog seemed a bit boring for me. So, I decided to jump right into video (YouTube) and share my passion for gadgets. My motivation at that time was to share my experience of using those gadgets with my friends.

SushiVid: How do you juggle your work/school life with your YouTube life and uploading videos?

Tekgila: When I first started YouTube, I made use of my weekends to shoot, edit and upload videos. Sometimes, I even sacrificed traveling with my friends around Europe just to make tech videos. Since graduating, I usually shoot, edit and upload videos after the working hours. And now, I'm fully committed to YouTube and at the same time want a startup.

SushiVid: Do you have a favourite YouTuber?

Tekgila: I look up to every Malaysian YouTubers who has worked so hard on YouTube to be successful because being a YouTuber in Malaysia is very challenging and at the same time fun. If I have to pick one favourite YouTuber (tech YouTuber in specific), I would go for HardwareCanucks. I really love their content and also the video production quality.

SushiVid: Do you see yourself still doing YouTube in 10 years time? Would you think of it as a full-time career?

Tekgila: Definitely YES! No doubt.

SushiVid: As a new and upcoming YouTuber, do you have any advice for fellow budding YouTubers who are also starting their channels?

Tekgila: My advice is to make videos about things that you like. For example, if you like cooking, then make videos about cooking. If not, new YouTubers will burn out over the time and eventually quit. Another piece of advice is to not over emphasize on gears but focus on content. So, that's Tekgila's Story, My Story.

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