3 Values We Can Learn From China's Successful Live Streamer [Infographic]

Posted on April 2, 2024

Austin Li is one of the top live streamer and crowned as the King of Lipstick in China. You can read more about Austin from our previous post. In this blog, we are going to list the things we can learn from him in being a successful live streamer. Not only you can apply these values to live streaming but also in our daily life. Let's rethink and reset our mindset together on the road to success.

Austin started from the bottom to know more about the beauty industry. He worked with the target consumer directly hence learned the best way to approach and persuade female consumers. These skills and experiences allow him to grasp the audience's psychology which effectively generated high sales during his live stream.

If you only focus on your goal, you will most likely lose motivation, thinking you are not good enough throughout the process. You need to realize that working towards a goal is a long term process and most of the time it doesn't show immediate results. Next thing is, be prepared. Have you heard of "Opportunity comes to the prepared mind"?

The success of Austin is not merely luck. He prepared himself by going to classes for more knowledge and his. His efforts came in handy at the right time and won him more opportunities. Invest your time in hobbies, learn some new skills or a new language to elevate your value and open for more chances. Lastly, Austin showed us that not all influencers are a hypocrite. Having sponsorship from brands doesn't mean you need to promote it to your followers unconscionable even when you think the product is not good.

Being influencers can be considered as a public figure and accountable to followers who trusted them. During Austin's live stream, he always points out the pros and cons of a product and recommends his followers to purchase it. This action shows his authenticity towards the audiences which make more and more people who are willing to buy from him.

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